About The Hired Hand

Offering personalized assistance in the realm of smaller miscellaneous tasks to those who require help with what would seem trivial in nature to larger or specialized businesses.

Founded in Goldsboro, North Carolina in May of 2006, originally as a sole- proprietorship. THE HIRED HAND officially became known as THE HIRED HAND CORPORATION in February of 2007 with Articles of Incorporation being filed in Raleigh, North Carolina. THE HIRED HAND is a Type S Corporation. Conceived as a legitimate 'handyman' business in order to service clients who had small, but necessary tasks to accomplish. General contractors expedite construction in the thousands of dollars. Most plumbing and electrical services prefer to do large projects. And many carpenters prefer to build houses. THE HIRED HAND doesn't do any large construction projects. As a result, THE HIRED HAND does not compete with these large scale construction specialists.

Our crews are as small as one technician and as large as four technicians. Most of our services are accomplished in less than a day. This allows THE HIRED HAND to do small household jobs at a more economical price. Using this business model, demand for THE HIRED HAND's services continues to grow.