Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How long has THE HIRED HAND been in business?

A: THE HIRED HAND was founded in 2006.

Q: Is THE HIRED HAND an incorporated business?

A: THE HIRED HAND became incorporated in early 2007.

Q: What type of incorporated business is THE HIRED HAND?

A: THE HIRED HAND is a Type-S corporation.

Q: Is THE HIRED HAND listed with the Better Business Bureau?

A: Yes. THE HIRED HAND is an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau of Eastern North Carolina with an A+ Rating.

Q: Isn’t a handyman a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none?

A: At THE HIRED HAND we believe a properly trained handyman is to routine maintenance what a properly trained general physician is to healthcare. For example, a plumber isn’t required to change a sink faucet and a knee surgeon isn’t required to clean a knee scrape. What does this mean to you? We don’t charge as much as a plumber and a general physician isn’t going to cost as much as a knee specialist. In both cases, if a specialist is required they can be called if needed.

Q: When should I call THE HIRED HAND?

A: If you have a task or project that you don’t have time to perform or you simply don’t feel confident performing.

Q: Is THE HIRED HAND insured?

A: Yes. THE HIRED HAND does carry business liability insurance as any legitimate business should.

Q: Does THE HIRED HAND hire legitimately employable personnel?

A: THE HIRED HAND complies with all government employment laws. This includes age, gender, race, citizenship, resident alien etc.

Q: Are the personnel working for THE HIRED HAND employees or are they subcontractors (1099)

A: All of the technicians working for THE HIRED HAND are wage employees NOT 1099 subcontractors.

Q: Does THE HIRED HAND a legitimate business that complies with workers compensation laws, pay employment taxes etc?

A: Yes. THE HIRED HAND pays federal and state employment and unemployment taxes as well as carrying workers compensation insurance.

Q: Is my project too small to call THE HIRED HAND?

A: No job is too small! For example, some of our clients simply need light bulbs changed but don’t have the proper ladder or equipment.

Q: Is my project too large?

A: We specialize in jobs that take anywhere from a service call (under and hour) to a week to complete. However, there are jobs where a general contractor is required. If a job is too large for THE HIRED HAND we will certainly share that with you after looking at the project. Many times we can even recommend a general contractor for you if that is the case.

Q: Is THE HIRED HAND a general contractor?

A: No. THE HIRED HAND performs routine maintenance and modification of existing resources. Most of our jobs range from a service call to under $500. General contractors perform large jobs. Jobs that cost tens of thousands of dollars are required by law to be managed by general contractors and inspectors. This would include but is not limited to, home building, room additions etc.

Q: Does THE HIRED HAND work for property maintenance companies?

A: Yes. Not only does THE HIRED HAND work for the residential homeowner, we also are employed by hotels, doctor’s offices, retail outlets, apartment complexes, military housing and churches to name a few of THE HIRED HAND’s commercial employers.

Q: What is the service area for THE HIRED HAND?

A: Currently, THE HIRED HAND services Wayne County, North Carolina and the immediately surrounding counties.